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Chun Hoe Trading Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 8th December 1993 as a metal and steel wire product manufacturer in Batu Pahat, JOHOR MALAYSIA.



Quality always comes first, hence first in our list. As a responsible company, we place a high emphasis on quality control and continuous improvement of our products in terms of quality, durability, and usability.



We have the expertise and resources to undertake product customisation according to your specification and preferences. This is what separates us form most of our competitors in the industry.



As a competitive industry player, our products are the testament to our long-standing reputation. Hence, we will continue to invest in state-of-art technologies and empower our human capital in improving our product quality and service delivery,



We are more than just manufacturing durable and reliable steels. We undertake every project and deal with utmost trust and responsibility, ensuring that every product is delivered according to the clients' specifications and preference.


At Chun Hoe Trading, we are morally bound to a set of values, upon which our businesses and behaviour are based. They guide our internal affairs and relationship with our valued clients and stakeholders. Above all, we will strive to upload and practise them in every aspect of our business operations.


With quality in mind, we want to offer products that are worth creating and relevant to the market needs.Hence, we strive to establish a culture of exceptional execution that can create great products.


We respect the value of time when it comes to dealing with a business relationship. Every deal that we undertake will be completed and delivered according to the scheduled timeline.



Our valued clients trust us to build products that work, and we take that seriously. We will overcome problems, find solutions and deliver results, regardless of project scale.


A happy client is a reture client.Thus, We ensure that every deal will result not only in a succussful outcome but also a rewaring experience for all stakeholers.


Our story began with the establishment of the company in the 1970s. We started our business by trading fence nets to individuals and commercial premises and supplying them for minor contracting projects. After years of trading, we discovered that trading activity was heavily influenced and controlled by the supplier, which was evident when there was a fixed minimum quota for units of purchase. Moreover, the transportation time was often limited, and there were instances where we faced out-of-stock situations that affected our goods delivery to the clients. Hence, we decided to invest in an old fence net machine to solve the shortage problem.

The investment marked a significant milestone for us towards product innovation. In 1993, the company was officially registered as Chun Hoe Trading Sdn Bhd, validating our presence in the industry. As a company, we continued to grow, and so did our clients’ demand for BRC products and materials. Hence, we started looking for BRC suppliers and learning to familiarise ourselves with the process and transition from wire rod to BRC. 

We concluded the year 2000 with several notable successes, including a SIRIM certification for our quality products. Three years later, the recognition led us to diversify our product offerings, manufacturing building materials including BRC, steel bar, etc. 

We believe that filial piety is an essential Confucian virtue that should act as a fulcrum on how we should conduct our personal and business relationship. In 2006, we brought that belief into fruition with the brand “Yan-Zi Brand Iron Nail”. The brand name was inspired by the word “Yan”, which is the name of our founder’s mother. On a personal level, the brand is our well-intentioned gift and gratitude towards the founder’s mother, recognising her role in supporting the successful growth of the company.

Our product innovations continued with the manufacturing of our current main BRC fence and stone net (gabion). Today, Chun Hoe Trading has grown and expanded tremendously in terms of business and production size, making us one of the largest metal wire products manufacturers in Malaysia. Also, we have gained a pool of satisfied clients and partners who admire our quality products. Above all, we will continue to deliver according to their business needs and personal preference.


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