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About Us

A Metal and Steel Wire Product Manufacturer

Chun Hoe Trading Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 8th December 1993 as a metal and steel wire product manufacturer in Batu Pahat. Two decades has passed, Chun Hoe has evolved into something quite different. We have grown and expanded tremendously in terms of our business and production size.

Chun Hoe is now one of the biggest metal wire products manufacturers in the local market and has planned to expand its marketing coverage into overseas markets. Furthermore, Chun Hoe has accumulated 20 years of experience and technological know-how that is applied in its manufacturing activities. Chun Hoe place heavy emphasis on quality control and the continuous enhancement of our products in terms of quality, durability, usability and so on, consistent with our company’s philosophy – Quality always comes first.

In 2000, Chun Hoe was awarded the SIRIM certificate as recognition for its top-notch product quality. As a result, Chun Hoe’s products are always met with strong and increasing demands. We allow ourselves to have a massive inventory size to cope with large scale and urgent orders and we are proud that we are almost never out of stock.