Why is BRC Fence so popular in Malaysia

What is a BRC fence?

BRC fence is one of the types of a fence with the strongest structure in the market, it is also one of our leading products. The difference between the BRC fence and the common fence is that it uses high-strength steel bars, which are welded together to produce accurate panel and grid size. Compared with a fence made of other materials, it is durable and can keep its shape and strength in the next few years, without regular maintenance, which makes the owners more worry-free. In foreign countries, fences are usually used to prohibit unauthorized access to specific places or locations. This kind of fence can be used for private ownership as well as industrial facilities. The fence adopts the design of grid elements, which makes it have good visibility both inside and outside. It has a much better appearance than the green PVC-coated chain link fence, which is also the reason why it is popular in the community. If you are worried about choosing a suitable and safe fence, you must choose this fence made of BRC material, it will be the best choice for outdoor fences with the highest cost performance and safety.

Where is this reinforcing fabric of steel commonly used?

Most people's understanding of reinforcing steel is only a kind of steel bar, called "rebar". It is used to increase the strength and expand the elasticity of a concrete structure.  There is another reinforcing fabric of steel in the market called "BRC", which is mainly used for strengthening concrete, its performance can strengthen the structure, make it firmer and increase comprehensive strength. They can be seen in concrete reinforcement, construction, and engineering fields. Nowadays, BRC is widely used in the field of construction in Malaysia.

Most popular material of the fences in Malaysia

Fences are often used to achieve isolation, to ensure safety barriers, and to isolate fences from the outside world to achieve protection functions. The main purpose of a fence made of welded mesh is to specify the boundaries of a specific area. There are many types of fencing systems in Malaysia like PVC coated chain link fences, metal fences, fences with gates, and more. The most popular and common materials for fences in Malaysia are PVC fencing, steel fencing, and aluminum fencing. 

Nowadays, BRC fences are the most popular fencing material type, they can fulfill all the owner's durable needs. There are two types of material for BRC fences: 

  1. Hot Dip Galvanized Welded: a better appearance with a smooth and glossy look.

  2. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Wire Welded: a better durable performance which commonly used by customers with higher budget or government projects.

The materials of the BRC fence ensure the strong and durable performance that the owner wants. It is also available for identical appearance to make sure the BRC fence is the best choice for the owners who want to ensure safety, decorativeness, and quick installation.

Advantages of BRC fences

Safety with high intensity:

Fences achieve the protection effect because they can prevent the outside world from entering. Before the appearance of the fence, people usually used concrete walls as barriers. After the BRC fence appeared, its design enabled people to see the external situation in real-time to increase safety. There are no sharp and rough edges on the surface of the whole fence, the curved edge design perfectly avoids any sharp and tough edge from hurting people, ensuring the safety of all people to the greatest extent.

Strong, sturdy construction and low maintenance:

The fence is made of BRC material, this type of reinforcing fabric of steel can resist almost all external conditions which can change the fence. It also can achieve good weather resistance and rust resistance that everyone cares about. So, it can maintain its strength and integrity to the greatest extent.

Simple and beautiful appearance:

The biggest feature of the BRC fence is its top and bottom, which makes the fence look good and have a good texture. In the future trend, chain link fences will be replaced by BRC fences. It pays attention to ornamental and safety. Simple and uncomplicated design enhances the aesthetics of the fence and achieves good visibility at night, thus achieving the ideal of aesthetics and enhancing safety.

Environmental protection and economy:

The material of the BRC fence is recyclable, and it is cheaper and more affordable than some fences in terms of price. The firm structure can also avoid the cost of regular maintenance.

Convenient installation and flexibility in assembly:

The installation of the BRC fence is very simple, the fence is light in size and equipped with pre-drilled fence posts, clips, and screws, so they can be easily installed. Make the field installation process quick and effective. If you are worried about the installation, you may ask us for help, we will be ready to help.


Nowadays, many owners in Malaysia attach great importance to appearance and practicality, and BRC fence with both performances will become a trend of the fence. BRC fences made of high-strength steel bars welded together is the best choice for outdoor fence.

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